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Trend of agriculture (India)

Trend of agriculture (India)

Agriculture in India
India's main natural resources are arable land and water. India's total land area under cultivation is about 25% of the world's largest irrigation system by a watered. India three times more acres than Russia irrigates. 21 per cent of agricultural GDP and labor force accounts for 41 per cent of employees.

Agriculture, India's economy is an important sector and 25.9 percent of GDP in 1999-2000*, calculated according to government estimates.

 Important agricultural products, meat, mutton, milk and eggs than the cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruit and vegetables are. India world's largest irrigation system to support the production of one depends on. A need for improved production of important resources, especially land and water is a more effective use.

India raw cotton in the world is one of the largest producers.

India a major exporter of rice and India's famous fragrant Basmati rice. India exports rice, another important source of income. Private traders handle all exports. India's chief rival in the business of rice Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan.
Total cultivated area of
​​small crops by only 5 per cent; these oilseeds (sun fly, soybean), pepper, potatoes and onions are added. Government has a priority for the development of oilseed sector is highlighted.
India fishing, industry is relatively balanced, but strong growth in recent years
Agriculture sector ,milk and meat production is expanding, the government recently with the Asian Development Bank launched a comprehensive livestock development project. Poultry production rapidly popular protein source provides low-cost. Modern poultry production more death, high incidence of disease, poor quality girls, and poor quality feed, an inadequate marketing system is forced together by. Frozen poultry has been recently introduced.

(agriculture tools)
India 4.2 million hectares of forest, or about 5 percent of the total area includes the area. Wood forest products important principle of home construction, furniture and wood are for. Wild areas of the country on many severe end result is exploitation.


Wheat fields in Punjab, India
The most important crops of wheat, times, cotton and rice, with the total crop production costs account for more than 75 per cent acre. India’s largest food crop is wheatIndia is a network of food exporter, except in occasional years when the crop is adversely affected by droughts. India exports rice, cotton, fish, fruits  and vegetables and imports vegetable oil, wheat, cotton, pulses and consumer foodsIndia most of the country's agricultural production growing process used by food industry.

Economic Survey of India livestock sector contributes about half of the cost involved in agriculture sector, India's GDP, the crop area exceeds the amount of about 11 per cent.


India, one of world's largest milk producing country in the Government's efforts are being, to modernize milk collection and storage of milk and milk products to improve undertaken for. 

Fishing in India

Fisheries and fishing industry in national economy of India plays an important role. With a good distance of coastline, fishing in India sufficient resources are fully developed. It is also an important source of export earnings.

Forestry in India

India's forest food, wood, paper, fuelwood, latex, good forest conservation and ecotourism

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